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We are  (I.M.S), First Class Marine & Cargo Inspection Company & Shipping agency in Egypt (Independent inspection company) . Our main office is located in Alexandria/Egypt, and we have our branches cover all Egyptian ports and main cities with qualified and experienced staff (37 persons) working 24 hours, 7 days     a week.

I M S, is operated by Master Mariners and Marine Engineers providing the following dedicated and independent survey and inspections & Shipping services.

I M S, 25 years expert & specialist of solving cargo & Marine dispute         CRC

I M S, covered by Marine liability insurance policy with limits of liability of U.S.$ 1,000,000.- each occurrence / U.S.$ 2,000,000.- aggregate by " SERVCO INSURANCE SERVICES – U.S.A)

I M S, is an ISO 9001:2008 Accredited by "GL" Certification, Approved by UKAS, Quality management.

I M S, has been awarded the GOLD CATEGORY 2008 from WQC International star award "World quality commitment"

I M S, is the leading of Marine surveyors, inspectors, consultancy & shipping agency with branches in all Egyptian ports and we are part of Global group based in Alexandria, Egypt.

The Group made of 73 services companies with more than 5000 employees worldwide, all has more than 25 years of experience providing all Certificates.

I M S, is member of GAFTA approved as Superintendent and Surveyor since 2002.

I M S, is approved by Egyptian Register of Shipping (E R S – Egypt).

I M S, is approved by National American Marine Surveyors (NAMS)since 2001 as Marine surveyors and inspector and Marine consultancy.

I M S, have worldwide coverage through our network of offices, certified inspectors, expeditors and consultants.

I M S, Association has been providing expert technical services to Classification Society, Insurance Cos., Shipping Cos., Ship Owner’s,

Operators,  P&I clubs, Maritime lawyers and providing solution to all private and public sectors. 


   The services provided include all stage from survey through physical investigation, review of documents, analysis, report preparation, rebuttal, briefing of lawyers and the preparation and presentation of expert evidence.

I M S, provides a range of advanced consultancy services, based on extensive practical and theoretical experience. The resources and skills developed in the course of this practical consultancy are utilized during the investigation of disputes, enabling the company to handle major multi-disciplinary investigation, as well as small scale actions. Efficiently and cost effectively.

Litigation support is often carried out especially where we have been or have become involved in large or complex claims. We are able to carry out research, consult experts and prepare reports as required.

I M S, is involved with all ship types since more than 25 years experiences. These include:

Bulk carriers , Tugs of all types, Container ships , Offshore supply    & Support vessels,, Tankers , Oil Rig, Dredgers , Ro-Ro ferries , Fishing vessels ,Passenger ships , luxury yachts ,Fast ferries , Refrigerated cargo ships ,Cable ships , High speed catamarans, General cargo ships , D.p research vessels.

I M S, hold the following recognized accreditation scheme approvals:

Ø Certified Marine Surveyors by (N.A.M.S)

Ø OMCS – Panama

Ø STET - Singapore

Ø I S C  – Singapore

Ø E C A – Spain

Ø Cargo Recovery Consultants ltd. - England.

Ø West of England (P&I)

Ø SteamShip (P&I)

Ø Intercoastal (P&I)

Ø British Marine (P&I)

Ø RatesClub (P&I)

Ø Stander (P&I)

Ø Most of(P&I)

Ø Most of Marine Underwriters.

Ø Egyptian Insurance Control Association (E.I.C.A)

Ø Egyptian Funds  Control Association

Ø Egyptian Arbitration Society.

Ø Egyptian Register of Shipping (E R S – EGYPT).

Ø Arab Maritime Academy

Ø Coming Cargo Control – U.S.A

Ø North America Classification Society

Ø Guardian Bureau of Shipping

Ø I N S B (International Naval Surveys Bureau

Ø Maritime Inspection Corporation

Ø Belays Survey Bureau Inc.

Ø Association of Certified Marine Surveyors

Ø M M Cargo Gear & Marine Services

Ø Prime Survey

Ø A I M  Control

Ø Marine Patina


Ø I M  Bank – U.S.A

Ø Transmarine Bss

Ø Dellan S.A.


Our services

I M S, independent marine experts and inspectors operated by Master Marine & Marine Engineers providing the following

dedicated and independent survey and inspection deal with surveys for:

1      - Marine survey

a-   Hull & machinery surveys

b-  Condition, hull & machinery survey

c-   Pre-Purchase condition survey. 

d-  Dry dock

e-   Safety

f-    Conversions

g-  Certifying progress and reports Marine consultants

h-  Pre-shipment/arrival conditions

i-     Surveys & Investigation of damage & loss

j-    P & I clubs survey.

k-   Casualty & Damage survey.

                                i.            Hull and Machinery damage

                              ii.            Collision damage

                            iii.            Fire and Explosion damage

                           iv.            Grounding damage

                             v.            Flooding damage

                           vi.            Loss of Hire

l-      Vessel’s evaluation

m-  On/Off hire Survey & Bunker Survey.

2      - Cargo survey

a-   Agriculture product (quantity/quality) inspections

b-  Cargo recovery for all kind of cargo.

c-   Cargo hold's inspection.

d-  Quality inspection and cargo surveys

e-   Supervision of loading and/or discharging

f-    Heavy lift project inspection.

g-  Draft surveys, tank calibration table.

h-  ON/OFF Hire Survey & Condition Survey.

i-     Quality Inspection (pre-shipment).

j-    Sampling.

k-   P & I surveys / services

l-     Damage cargo survey.

m- Cargo Recovery Consultants

n-  Ascertaining the quantity and quality of bulk liquid cargo

o-   Investigation of shortage and contamination of bulk cargo

p-  Container condition and/or damage surveys

q-    Hatch covers inspection by Ultrasonic equipments.


3      - Classification & Statutory survey

a)   Classification requirements.

b)  Classification Services & inspection

c)   ISPS auditing

d)  I.S.M auditing

e)   Annual, Intermediate and Special or Continuous surveys of Hull and Machinery.

f)    Dry-Docking Surveys.

g)  Shaft Surveys.

h)  Boilers & Pressure Vessels Surveys.

i)     Refrigerating Installations Surveys.

j)    Occasional Surveys due to damage, Port State Control interventions, implementation of new Regulations, Conversions or Repairs etc.

k)   Statutory surveys covering individual Conventions requirements relating to: Load Lines , Tonnage Measurement, Passenger Ship Safety, Life Saving Appliances, Fire Protection, Fire Detection and Extinction, Radio Equipment, Grain Loading.

l)     Marine Pollution Prevention, Collision Prevention, Liquefied Gas Carrier, Chemical tankers etc.

m) Permanent Technical Support of high level is offered to the clients, guaranteed by the experience gained during the extensive history of ERS as a Classification Society, and based on modern scientific methodology and practice.

The high standards of our services offered, ensure the compliance of the classed fleet to the applicable requirements, in co-operation with the Flag Administrations, Port State Controls, etc. with the constant main objective for safer ships and cleaner seas.

4.          Cargo Recovery

The ships carrying cargo can be subject to many serious problems looks like: -

·        The ship become in seriously damaged

·        Loaded cargo is damaged

·        Fraud

·        Pirates claim

·        Arrest due to insolvency of ship owners of time charterers.

·        Cargo refused by consignees

·        Cargo rejection by Authorities at destination


I M S, in most cases, assumes the responsibility for settling:

       General average

       Salvage liabilities

      Outstanding crew wages

      Other encumbrances (port charges, arrests, etc.) 

And, in addition will make arrangements, when required, for:

      Transshipment of cargo

      Purchase of vessel

      Towage of vessel to destination

      Delivery of cargo to destination

      Purchase of the cargo


I M S, can provide unique services to the shipowners and insurance industries ~ that of professional problem solving.

I M S, allows have been finding solution for some of the most of the challenging and complex maritime disputes in co-potation with the most famous companies working in this felids and our goal in each case has been to minimize losses for all parties concerned.

Our team has many years' career experience in the commodity trading, in particular, of problems in developing countries. 

I M S, allows provide this services basis on "NO CURE NO PAY" this offer giving Cargo interests the advantage of knowing exactly what the ultimate cost to them will be. No payment is made to us under the contract until the cargo has safely arrived to destination.

So confident are we of abilities we generally agree to fulfilling all of our contract obligation before any payment is made.

Service Standards

The following uses the term “insurers” to mean the instructing principal. We accept from insurers, shipping companies, P& I clubs, forwarders, carriers and lawyers.

· Initial contact – within one hour

Contact client as soon as possible and at least within one hour, of receiving instructions.

· Survey- same day

Arrange to carry out survey on the same day as appointment or as required by circumstances.

· Recovery rights- same day notice

Identify any third party liability issues and ensure legal rights of recovery are preserved on day of appointment ensuring joint survey offers are made and confirmed in writing with appropriate parties.

· Liaison with insured

Highlight the crucial aspects of the claim with the insured and identify those areas, if any, which will require detailed investigation. Maintain close contact with insured so claim is progressed promptly confirm that the insured is aware of any aspects of the claim which might affect policy response or coverage.

· Reports to insurer

Same day (as appointment) preliminary advice by phone, e-mail or fax to insurer with similar to broker if such liaison is required. Formal report with all available relevant documentation is sent to insurer, by fax or e-mail, within 48 hours of survey.

Follow up with mailed/courier original documents as required.




Egyptian Register of Shipping  I M S is an independent organization of Technical experts & Inspection.


I M S, will treat as confidential any documentation and information received in connection with orders placed with society.  Such documentation and information may be passed on the third parties solely with prior written consent of the party entitled thereto. 


For services rendered by (IMS)  fees are to be paid in accordance with Tariffs of Fees of  IMS, In addition to these fees, IMS will charge for any extra expenses incurred in connection with the services rendered (e.g.

Traveling of other expenses and where applicable, any value added/turn over tax).


The place of jurisdiction is Egypt.  The place of performance is Egypt. The governing law is Egyptian Law.


I M S,  is a company at the service of the international Maritime Community where a great spiritual strength is required by all its members to successfully fulfill all its clients demands, even under the utmost of circumstances. ERS has promises to maintain a process of

continuous improvement in order to achieve leadership in the field of marine inspection and certification.

In order to fulfill all our client's requirements and to continue the process of improvement, I M S has been committed to maintain the following policies:

1-    Offer our clients quality services.

2-    Provide emission of certificates in a most efficient and expeditious way.

3-    Maintain personnel properly trained.

4-    Maintain  an  understanding  regarding the importance of achieving

5-    our   objectives  and   goals  of  continuous   improvement  to  our personnel. 

6-    Maintain  an  effective  communication  inside the organization and with our clients.

7-    Maintain  procedures   up-to-date   and  adequate  according   to the  national and International Regulations.

8-    Measure results in pursuit of our objectives.

          Assure a process of continuous improvement.








PHONE :   ( +20 –3) 48 40 817  /  48 72 883  / 48 17 339


FAX.     :   ( +20 –3) 48 69 177


GSM (24 Hrs) :.    (+20- 122) 214 53 83 – (+20-100) 6666108  (+20-100) 0004288


E.MAIL   &    &