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Pre Arrival Information to Any Egyptian Port

Eta's: Eta should be advised 24 hours prior to arrival. Vessels should contact Alexandria port radio when approaching the waiting area and before anchoring.

Documentation required:

  • Ship's certificates:

Such as registry, radio safety, pollution, construction, etc, which should be ready and valid on arrival. Originals will be collected by the I.M.s agent for the purpose of declaring the ship's arrival with the mercantile marine Bureau and issuing the permit of departure on completion of cargo operations.0001263.JPG (20005 bytes)

  • Crew lists:

  • I.M.S agent requires (2 copies)

  • Health officials require (1 copy)

  • Immigration authority require (1 copy)

  • Customs officials require (1 copy)

  • Seaman books of crew members which will be reviewed by the immigration officer.

  • Copies of bills of lading and manifest, collected by I.M.S agent.

  • Bonded stores list, collected on board by customs officer.

  • Vaccination certificates, reviewed by health officials.

Cargo documents (copies of bills of lading and manifest) should be in possession of  I.M.s agent prior to ship's arrival for the purpose of approaching cargo receivers to enable them to manage the necessary formalities.

Special forms, for completion by the master, will be delivered to him by the pilot, immigration and I.M.S agent.


Radio: Alexandria radio is recommended for passing messages at long range. Inmarsat communication is possible.

VHF: Harbour control, ch 16, 11,13.

Health Regulations: Free pratique is granted immediately on the ship's arrival if not coming from an infected area. Pratique cannot be applied for by radio.

Derat exemption certificates can be renewed if expired.

Customs and immigration:

customs: On berthing, customs officers will attend to check the ship's bonded store according to the list prepared by the master.

There is no alcohol allowance for ships crews whilst in port, cigarettes only are allowed. Penalties for non compliance are large.

Immigration: The immigration officer is the first person to board after the pilot, he checks the seaman's books and issues the shore permits for crew members. Nobody is allowed to board the vessel before the immigration clearance. Crew and/or passengers cannot leave the vessel before the attendance of the immigration officer.

Flags: Hoisting of the Egyptian flag on arrival is essential. If the flag is not available on arrival the master may request one, through the I.M.S agent, upon berthing.

Notices of readiness: N.O.R should be tendered by cable, fax or telex on the ship's arrival off the port, then in writing when the I.M.S team. Tendering is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the relative charter party.

General notices & regulations: Vessels arriving with cargo to be discharged, or for loading cargo, will not be berthed unless receivers or shippers are ready with the necessary documents duly approved by the  I.M.S agent / customs.

Agency: According to current law in Egypt, I.M.S agent acting as a full agency in all Egyption ports..